Every tourist region has its own nature beauties which attract deserved attention. But find on the map the place where you can set off in all directions and everywhere is something to see? Take places below mentioned as a random choice because to write everything would mean to make extensive tourist website. Our tips are places where you can get easily from our cottage.


This gorgeous track starts in the town Tanvald. So if you set off from Velke Hamry on the blue marking, you will have on your right side the river Kamenice which is also suitable for rafting or canoeing. This blue marking take you to the crossroads under the ruin of the castle Navarov where you change marking for red one and go down still along the river Kamenice. Beech forests, murmur of water and pervasive well-being will make your trip pleasant. This track is over 20 km long but if you are tough, you can go on with the track of Mr. Riegr which takes you from the town Semily to the town Zelezny Brod from which you can come back comfortably by train.



The village Jizerka is one of the coldest but also the most beautiful places in Bohemia. The hill Bukovec guards willingly this once upon a time glassblower’s village where you can find well-preserved gorgeous folk architecture and besides it you can meet rare bog and rich fauna and flora on well marked pathes and you can come up to the dam Sous. There is a typical thing for Jizerka, grown forest which is composed of silver spruce which was grown in the past because they thought that this spruce can resists to exhaust gas of industrial chimneys. You can get there by car (about 20 minutes) or by train to the village Korenov.



Builders and architects talk about this lookout tower as about one of the most beautiful in Bohemia and it’s no wonder, after all you go on foot from our cottage on the yellow turist marking and you can convince yourselves. You will go through the mountain village Prichovice which is decorated by the St. Vitus Church, noticeable from a distance. When you get to a destination of your wandering on the hill Hvezda (959 m a. s.l.) and you enjoy a view towards Giant Mountains, you will accept that 5 km of rise was worth. This lookout tower was finished in 1892 by the owner of  Prince Rohan’s Manor and its location is a border between Jizera Mountains and Giant Mountains.



If you want to enjoy views towards Jizera Mountains, to have a town Jablonec nad Nisou like on your palm, go to Cerna Studnice. Not far from our cottage, there is a red tourist marking which takes you surely there and it’s not far away. This lookout tower is one of the other ones in our surroundings but with its view and 30 m high tower, it belongs to the most wonderful ones. There isn’t only this lookout tower on the top (869 m a.s.l.) but also a turist chalet with a restaurant so if you are thirsty and hungry, you can have some drinks with something good to eat.




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