Every town or region has its own castle, palace or museum. And if just in case not, certainly you can find around a preserved mill or an ancient church. The same is in our region so take our selected trailers as a random selection from a wide offer.


This sight is necessary to mention only because you can get there on foot (6 km). It is actually placed on once mentioned Mr. Palacky track. To get there, you have to take a little another path. A magic of this ruin isn’t only in its romantic rests of walls but also in a place which is high above the river Kamenice. A castle itself was built in the beginning of the 14th century, probably by the lord from the dynasty of Markvartics and was partly demolished by the Emperor’s regulativ in 1644. It’s really worth to visit these meagre rests of walls and remarkable views and in any time of year.


Perhaps you expect that this museum is only for children but surly not. Dads and mums can get back to their childhood and find in expositions of museum a toy which they had known in private as a child. You will be able to go through four rooms on a total area of 90 square meters and to see toys from the years 1940 – 1989 and maybe older. You can also see toys which were made by local makers who didn’t work a long time ago. An admission price isn’t really high and this experience is surly worth a visit.


This jewel of the French Neo-Gothic is about 30 km far from our cottage but we guarantee you that its visit is a real experience. Who likes a history, dressed in a little more shiny garment, gets all of it there. He will be able to walk in authentic rooms of the famous noble family of Rohans. Its history is really rich of famous guests, starts with the French King and ends  for example with a composer Antonin Dvorak. When you finish with a castle tour, go also into a beautiful English-style park where  is a rich dendrological collection of rare wood species, particularly many cultivars of oaks and beeches. At the end of this park, you can have a cup of good cofee in a new reconstructed orangery.


20 minutes by car and a glass factory, a museum and a brewery Harrachov all in one will welcome you. In the museum, you can find a history of famous glass from Harrachov and exhibits of local masters. Whether a history isn’t so closed to you so you can look at the glass manufacture directly. Then you can move from glass furnaces to a brewery restaurant where you can taste a quality of local beer, either way it will be experience and you will be able to take home a glass suvenir or crisp beer.




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